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For the food lovers

* It were the Romans who planted the first grapevines so it makes those the oldest in France. Cahors is the birthplace of Malbec wines from all over the world. In Cahors, Malbec is often called Cot Noir and more famously known by its medieval nickname of 'Black Wine' due to its deep, dark colour. During the Middle Ages, the 'Black Wine' was drunk all over Europe by kings, emperors and Popes and it became AOC in 1971. To visit one of the many wineries is a must!

* The Lot Valley, Valley of Marvels, is like Eden for the greedy among us! What a choise of excellent local products you have here: melons and strawberries from the Quercy, saffron, duck, super tender milky lamb, the little goat cheese from Rocamadour, ... . In the region there are many nice restaurants, such as: l'O à la Bouche, Le Petit Moulin, le Marché, le Relais de Saint Anne. For a more gastronomic meal you can go to: Haute Serre, le Gindreau or Pont de l'Ouysse.

* If you enjoy cooking, you may prefer to go to the various markets where you can find a wealth of fresh ingredients.

Lacapelle-Marival, Labastide-Murat & Lacave                    

Bretenoux, Gramat & Floirac                                               

Cahors, Martel, Payrac & Luzech                                          

Gourdon, Lacave, Vers & Mèrcues                                         

Cabrerets, Gramat, Prayssac & Souillac                               

Cahors, Figeac, Gourdon & Lalbenque                                 

Douelle, Labastide-Murat & Montcuq                                   








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