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For the sporty

The swimming pool, the trampoline, the go-cart and pétanque will offer you recreation and fun times at Domaine de la Grèze, but this is not all! Those who need just that little extra excitement, will find alternative options on the ground, on the water or in the air!


* On the ground

Adventure in the trees in Capnature, horse riding, hiking in the countryside (GR46), cycling or mountainbiking, tennis (at 2 km) and playing golf in one of the numerous clubs near us: Golf Domaine de Bourrat (5km), Le golf de Montal in Saint-Céré, Souillac Golf en Country club and Golf de Lolivarie.

* On the water

Kayaking on one of the region's famous rivers or renting a river boat on the Lot with Aquitaine Navigation. Or what do you think of taking a dive in the Lot?

* In the air

Or maybe this is something for the daredevils among us? Ultralight flights (Baptême Lot ULM at Pradines) or paragliding at Flaugnac (Lot Paramoteurs)? Or perhaps something less active like hot air ballooning (Vol en Montgolfière at Cahors)?

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